Exhibition: “LUCID DREAM” @Dblspc

Emma Benschop and Mae Phillips mix reality with fantasy at Doublespace. “Lucid Dream” opens on July 26, 2019 for the gallery’s second exhibition of their 2019 Pop Up Series.

Photo of E. Benschop (Left) and M. Phillips (Right)

Curated by a series of floral arrangements and theatrical compositions, the  breadth of ceramic works provides an internal contrast of subject matter. One light, the other dark. This is also true for memories and nightmares. While Mae’s work is light, delicate and whimsical, Emma’s work has a more robust eire and mysterious quality leaving the viewer in a trance or state of limbo. Pulling from memories of childhood, Benschop brings theatre and narrative to her works through these sharing tangible moments of a past that hit close to home. From tooth fairy horrors to a dream house containing a series of distant memories, the work is playful yet tangible.

Photo of E. Benschop and guest viewing “A Place to Call” by E. Benschop

Meanwhile, Phillip’s vignettes touch on a secret past from a romantic period in history. Flickering between life and death, these floral arrangements soften the rough edges of each composition and provide a feeling of tranquility. Once the flame goes out however, darkness takes over and the mind begins to fall into a transcendental dream-state, left to wander and wonder through the delicate fabric of this reality and make believe. It is here where the narrative lies faintly; beauty and a whisper of the past remains but remnants to a memory left to wilt and fade forevermore.

Photo of C. Armstrong viewing “Vigil For What Came Before” by M. Phillips

If you like the works from this exhibition be sure to check out the artists instagram accounts @kilninit and @emmabensch0p and check out what they are up to. For more information, stay tuned for August’s pop up exhibition preview and be sure to check out one of our opening receptions on the Final Friday of each month through November. Click Here to see exhibition photos.

for additional information please contact info@dblspc.com

Photos by Matthew Pevear and Doublespace