Exhibition: “BLOT” @Dblspc

Angela Craven and Drew Austin feat. guest curator and entrepreneur Deanne Gertner of Hey Hue Art, bring bold color in abstraction to Doublespace. “Blot” opens on June 28, 2019 for the gallery’s 2019 Pop Up Series kickoff.

Photo of “Art Sign” at Doublespace and Black Crow Gallery

This tight space was cleverly organized to bring out the character within the space of 12th and Bannock Bldg. in Denvers Golden Triangle Creative District. The space is small, but tall, and the works themselves many a miniature scale of a larger composition. These two local abstraction artists really capture the interpretive nature of the word “Blot,” being both an action and a noun. “It has both negative and positive connotations. Itʼs shifty, amorphous, a trickster,” says Gertner.

Photo of G. Bangs with “Untitled (Slump)” and “Untitled (Peel)” 

With Angela’s Rorschach pieces, there is a cerebral investigation taking place to understand what and why these images are in existence; disguised as something ambiguous and deceitful in nature. Craven likes the viewer to engage with her work and maybe even learn something about themselves in the process, creating their own narrative. On the other hand, Drew likes to catch you staring, wondering, questioning, examining each work independently from one another. There is no story but rather reason. Motionless yet fluid best describes Austin’s works “Untitled (Peel)” and “Untitled (Slump).”

Photo of Doublespace’s Exhibition Window

The nature of these pieces adds an additional dimension that is more subdued that Craven’s conversation starters, capturing the audience through texture, process and spontaneous intricacies through exploration. We want to thank Hey Hue Art for collaborating with us on the series kickoff opener and look forward to working with them more in the future.

If you like the works from this exhibition be sure to check out the artists instagram accounts @drew_austin4567 and @angelacravenart and check out what they are up to. For more information, stay tuned for July’s pop up exhibition preview and be sure to check out one of our opening receptions on the Final Friday of each month through November. Click Here to see exhibition photos.

for additional information contact info@dblspc.com

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